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Unsere handverlesene Auswahl an Weihnachtsboxen

The Healthy Snackbox

from €39,-

Get the team energized, hydrated and sporty with a healthy christmas gift for your employees.

Inside the box: 22 healthy snacks, fitness band, reusable BPA-free water bottle

Luxe Wine Package

from €37,-

A high end mix of luxury wines and delicious bites.

Inside the box: 2 luxury wines, bottle of gazpacho, olives, fuet, scrocci, rice cookies, nuts, banana chips

Winter BBQ

from €48,50

Nothing beats having a BBQ during the winter!

Inside the box: BBQ rack for hamburgers, BBQ sauce, BBQ herbs, BBQ recipe, satesaus wijko, two chefs brewing beer, RUB for beer can chicken, marshmallows, gift card €15,00 at Keurslager *good for hamburgers + chicken

Beer Bread Package

from €22,50

Want to get creative during the holidays? Learn how to bake beer bread! 

Inside the box: beer opener with logo company. beer bread mix in a natural fiber bag, bottle of dark beer including logo of the company

Can be delivered with a baking mold, surcharge of €9,00

Deluxe Magnum

from €39,99

Thank your employees after this challenging year with a limited edition Franco Conterno Barbera d’Alba delivered in a wooden box

The Healthy Snackbox

from €20,-

Why wait till January 1st to start with your good intentions?

Inside the box: 17 healthy snacks

The Healthy Snackbox


A healthy employee is a happy employee, surprise your team this christmas with a box The Healthy Snackbox.

Inside the box: 20 healthy snacks, fitness band

The Healthy Snackbox

from €60,-

A team that works-out together,
stays together!

Inside the box: 33 healthy snacks, fitness band, dopper with company logo

Optional: Gym Bag + €12,50

Letterbox Wine Package

from €12,50

Enjoy a 'borrel' at home!

Inside the box: 1 glass of white, red or rose wine , manchego 8 months sliced, sesam pepper crackers, cheese biscuits

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Spotify has been using Oh My Lunch for our staff lunches since Jan 2020. The wonderful team makes my life easier by offering a wide range of food for staff to enjoy, as well as keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you Mel, Michael & Leanne!

Brigette Brown
Office Manager

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