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Why do office managers love Oh My Lunch?

A quick catch up with one of our beloved customers

Askhat Zhumayev
November 16, 2020

Why do office managers love Oh My Lunch?

One of our dear customers, the office manager from Axiom Workplaces, shares her feedback:

"It has been great using Oh My Lunch for weekly staff lunches. It is easy to use, selection of meals are great and lunches are delivered on time.

We like that most of the meals are labelled with staff names and most companies use eco-packaging which is great to see.

We had a lot of wastage in the past where some staff did not like the food and the extras would be left untouched. Since using Oh My Lunch the amount of food waste has reduced significantly.

Oh My Lunch is easy to use and the organisers are a great help if you ever get stuck. Highly recommend Oh My Lunch."

We love helping office managers! Reach out to discuss how we can help you run your staff lunch program!

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