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How Kensington Student Services uses Oh My Lunch to provide a supportive home away from home for international students.

Kensington Student Services offers supervised student accommodation with additional services, such as catering, with staff on site 24 hours a day.

Nikki Maeve van Reems
October 20, 2020

Due to COVID many of their international students had to go into on-site quarantine when they arrived and during this period they needed to provide them with daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.

‘’The new Oh My lunch tool really came in handy during this quarantine period. The nature of this year was a lot of uncertainty, so what I valued from the Oh My Lunch team and the tool was flexibility; we used the tool to provide lunch and dinner during the quarantine period, and now we use it to provide daily student dinners. Being able to change things last minute without this being an issue has been really helpful’’.

Kensington Student Services also started using the Oh My Lunch tool to arrange the opt-in student dinners. Students get offered the choice between 3 different meals every day. ‘’30% of the students like to personally pick out their dinner and the others use the Auto-Pilot option’’. With Auto-Pilot, the system selects the perfect lunch or dinner based upon your personal preferences and dietary requirements. So the students who would want to be more involved get to do so and the others still receive delicious dinners every day. ‘’The students are getting more and more involved in the menu and Oh My Lunch offers the flexibility to change the daily menu based on their wishes’’.

‘’And the team is really contactable, I work a lot in the evenings, but there was always somebody to help me out during odd times’’.

How has covid affected your business?

Covid has undoubtedly had an impact on providers of student accommodation in London and throughout the UK. “This has been particularly true for providers such as ourselves, who cater for mostly international students. However, we have been pleased to welcome a large cohort of students, both new and returners, to our accommodation this year. During these uncertain times, we are able to offer the supportive and homely environment that students and their parents seek, particularly when the young person is moving abroad at a young age.”

About Kensington Student Services

It can be hard for younger students to not to only leave home but also to move to a completely different country. Kensington Student Services is an expert at making students between 16-21 years old feel at home. They offer supervised student accommodation with a staff on site for 24 hours a day. ‘’Most of our students are below 18, we offer an experience between a boarding school and a university’’. Hannah is the Accommodation Officer at Lightfoot Hall in Chelsea, London. Together with a passionate team she makes sure that all the students are settling in, they feel at home and enjoy their stay.

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