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7 fun and interactive workshops that improve company engagement

We have created 7 fun and interactive virtual events, perfect for your team to zoom-out of work mode and into fun engagement mode.

Nikki Maeve van Reems
March 3, 2021

March marks the one year anniversary of covid-19 and on and off lockdowns in Northern-Europe. Whilst going to the office has been happening on and off throughout this time, working from home became the new normal for a while. The more we worked from home, the less engagement we had as teams around the world. Where you would normally meet non-direct colleagues at lunch time, during friday beers or at a company summer or christmas party, these colleagues seemed to fade into the background.

So how do you improve company engagement throughout your company as a whole? We have created 7 fun and interactive virtual events, perfect for your team to zoom-out of work mode and into fun engagement mode.

1 . Send sweet boxes home to colleagues and organise a virtual tea while mixing up different pools of colleagues on zoom that normally do not interact

2 . Organise a weekly monday breakfast meeting, because a monday with delicious breakfast helps start the week of in a very positive and productive manner

3 . Who is the next masterchef of your company? Find out during a cooking workshop. And trust us, seeing your colleagues in their kitchens, calling out for help because they messed up the pasta sauce will be a fun memory for years to come.

  • Vegan cooking workshop; learn how easy vegan cooking can be whilst making a delicious alternative to popular meat based dishes.
  • Masterchef cooking workshop; do you have what it takes? Enjoy a fun cooking workshop given by a professional chef, with fun bonuses such as a pub quiz between tasks.
  • Pizza workshop (from dough to tomato sauce, the italian way)

4 . Get ready for The Great <insert your company name here> Bake-Off. This fun dessert workshop is perfect for people with a sweet tooth and can be enjoyed both by baking newbies and professional bakers. So ready, set, bake!

5 . Shake it like a polaroid picture, or a delicious cocktail. During our cocktail workshop you will learn how to make anywhere from 2 to 4 cocktails and boy they are delicious! After the workshop the professional bartender logs-off and you and your team get to enjoy the cocktails as a team and catch up. And for the non-drinkers, a mocktail option is available and just as delicious!

6 . Spring is in the air! What better way to celebrate than with a spring wine tasting workshop. Jerry will guide you and your team through tasting 2, 4 or 6 different wines. Helping you choose the right type of wine for your dishes, while learning something about different grapes flavour profiles.

7 . Sunny days call for Rosé, did you know that no Rosé was created equally? During the Rosé wine tasting workshop you will learn the differences between the wines and learn what is what. Santé!

So zoom-out into fun mode with your team and create fun memories that last a lifetime!  We love to help you out with any requests you might have, shoot us an email at: requests.nl@ohmylunch.com

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